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NDT Techniques for plant life assessment

NDT inspection of industrial equipment and engineering structures is important in power generation plants, petroleum and chemical processing industries, and transportation sector. State-of-the-art methodology is applied to assess the current condition, fitness-for-service, and remaining life of equipment. NDT inspection provides basic data helping to develop strategic plans for extending plant life.
NDT life extension and life assessment services include:
• Equipment integrity analysis
• Corrosion monitoring of structures and equipment
• Corrosion damage evaluation
• Fatigue and creep damage prediction
• Fitness-for-service evaluation
The “major six” (or basic) NDT methods, which are largely used in routine services to industry
• Visual inspection
• Liquid penetrant testing
• Magnetic particle testing
• Electromagnetic or eddy current testing
• Radiography
• Ultrasonic testing
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NDT Techniques for plant life assessment
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