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1. Home:  

Serves as Index Page and hosts news feed for tech gadget update and subpage “About”

a. About: Contains Motto of the website and terms of use


2. News Feed

a. Engineering Software: Latest update about engineering softwares and download link

b. Commodities Market: Latest commodities’ news feed sponsored by Economic Times

c. Top stories-Industries Sector: News feed related to industries sector

d. Latest Tech news: Latest update on Technological news

3. File Share

This is a member only page with following utilities:

File share: It serves as forum for sharing files between members

Files on Google drive: It serves as share folder for viewing and downloading large files (manual, standards etc).

4. Members

It is open page, anyone see the members in this website

5. Resources

This page hosts the link for Submission of content, Future Technology and Training related news update. Moreover, it has following subpages:

a. Engineering Table: This subpage has table for engineers’ design usage, like pipe schedule and weight, interactive unit conversion table and many more yet to be added.

​b. Diagrams: This subpage has various engineering diagrams and charts for design like, I-C phase diagram, Larson Nelson curves for steels, Miller parameter and many more to be added.

c. Statutory rules: This subpage hosts the various statutory acts/rules on environment, OHS and labour welfare.

​d.The Magazine: This subpage contains sponsored magazine having topic of wellness, food, entertainment etc.

6. Blog

It hosts the technical Blog, written by members. Moreover, under this page, “forum” serves as platform for asking questions to community and writing the answer for the same.


7. Case studies:

This page contains the abstract and link for the full text of the same for view and download.


Welcome to this forum of Techies! 


This is a non-commercial community organization intended only for mutual benefit of the members and site visitors in terms of enriching knowledge and staying informed about latest development in fertilizer technology.


All members can post relevant information and ask questions to encourage engagement and collaboration. Members can post any technical queries to this community by logging in to Forum page, may ask opinions from others, engage themselves in exchanging views on any technical issues. With full freedom to create and edit posts and to add stunning media, managing the forum has never been easier. For sharing large video file, try to avoid uploading it, instead send the link.


Members are to ensure that nobody is posting any content which is copyrighted, confidential, abusive and objectionable by others. In this website, every element and content is 100% free for private use.


For any improvement in site experience, suggestions are welcome.

Enrich others to enrich yourself. Enjoy the forum..